Jesper (jespersa) wrote,

Salvation Jane and Vineyard.

Originally posted by jespersa at Salvation Jane and Vineyard. ©

Title: Salvation Jane and Vineyard.
Painter: Jesper Andersen.
Medium: Oil on cardboard.

This modernist oil painting shows vineyards in the Fleurieu Peninsula wine-growing region. It's an intuitive representation of colour and form that I perceive, and have reduced the pictorial space to a two-dimensional plane, eliminating illusion and representing objects as geometric shapes.
It has shallow red-brown ironstone soils with limestone, surrounded by white-flowered Almond blossom flora, with a suggestion of megafauna in the Salvation Jane vineyards. The painting is a self-sufficient entity independent of the external world of Willunga. Which lies south of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.
Shalom Aleichem! - Peace be unto you.

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