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Raw and redolent Nullarbor Nymph.

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Title: Nullarbor Nymph humpy.
Painter: Jesper Andersen.
Medium: Oil on cardboard

The myth of the Nullarbor Nymph was born in December of 1971 and has become outback folklore. A young woman was photographed, wearing some strategically placed animal skins, running along the Nullarbor Plain. The female beauty lived in the desert with the kangaroos. National and worldwide media organizations flocked to the tiny town of Eucla just over the Western Australian border. Eucla is so small that if you blink on your way through, you’d miss it. A motel, petrol bowsers, one phone box, and a population of eight. There where even suggestions that she might be an itinerant Adelaidian who had disappeared from the motel the year before, leaving all her belongings behind. Out there, in the middle of nowhere, it seemed possible, even likely. The locals were taking tourists out into the scrub and surrounding bushland, showing them imprints of a woman's feet in the sand, and a place where it was believed the Nullarbor Nymph had her humpy.
In other words, the patterns are directly perceived as somehow meaningful and thereby offer themselves as salient motifs for use in rituals.

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Jesper Soren Andersen is listed in the following standard biographical references:
Germaine, Max. Artists and Galleries of Australia, Volumes 1 & 2, Third Edition. Craftsman Press, Sydney, 1990. Page 10.

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