Jesper (jespersa) wrote,

Harvest painter selection and thoughts.

These abstract, blunt, rounded, not sharp, forthright, plainly executed paintings by Jespersa¹
painted in "Shalom Monastry Studio" is an indispensable palliative; to mitigate or alleviate.
I knew that I must paint not what I saw, but only what was in me, in my soul.

no title
16 Collection: B. Rey
no title
06 Collection: Barnaby M. Andersun
no title
47 Collection: B. Rey
Top of Loud hill.
28. Collection of the painter, "en lille prygle² [ a little lashings² in the painters collection ] i maleren samling " [Danish].
no title
77 Collection: Michael Evans
no title
1 Collection: Catherine Healy.
no title
Donated to charity.; IMOG initiative raising funds for the women & children of East Timor.
Ref. Dr Bruno Giorgio MB BS MRCOG FRANZCOG Cheif Executive Officer IMOG
12/10/2006 " Tin Cat Cafe. S.A.

Member of  NAVA & quality control.

This Harvest art journal - Acknowledge the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands I gather on.
Expression through abstraction also Acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the country throughout Australia.

Lashings² of blessings,

Shalom Monastry Studio

¹ Jesper S. Andersen
Tags: alleviate, blunt, collection, executed, forthright., harvest, mitigate, palliative, rounded

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