Jesper (jespersa) wrote,

Baker Gulley - Kangarilla S.A. ©

Title: Baker Gulley - Kangarilla SA ©
Painter: Jesper Andersen
Medium: oil on card.
This landscape interspersed with natures peaceful
elements such as rolling hills, valleys into flat upland
areas and sun baked trees.
The subject is located in the McLaren Vale wine growing
region, the undulating hills and gully's of this landscape
shows there’s introspection loneliness and longing for rain.
A melancholic, austere rugged 'Baker Gully.' Its red brown
soils on a late summer afternoon, near the settlement of
Kangarilla on the upper Fleurieu Peninsula, in South Australia.

A. ©

N.F.S. - Not for sale.

B. " Art is a way—you might say a set of technologies—for
making images, preserving them in time, and also for showing
us things we aren’t normally aware of. ... “Don’t we need people
who can see things from different points of view?” ...
“Lots of artists, and all kinds of artists. They look at life from
another angle.” ... And yes, we do need it.- David Hockney "
MIT Technology Review. Computing. " The Mind's Eye."
Paintings on this LiveJournal is listed as not for sale - N.F.S.

N.F.S. - Not for sale. ©

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