Jesper (jespersa) wrote,

Winter landscape blanket ©

Title: Winter landscape blanket.
Painter: Jesper Andersen.
Medium: Oil on cardboard.
For Not Sale

The several components manifested in " Winter landscape blanket” there is also the particular social and cultural environment, the influence of my sayings sink down into your ears, fused by the intuitive processes. I used a quantity of Titanium White paint, painted spontaneous, rough handling of patched white oil paint, suggesting direct observation, over a dark green older landscape underneath, [this is called - Pentimento]. To create spatial ambiguity shape, against the space while portraying the irregularities in nature. You can almost smell the brooding odors of existential angst. And their metaphors are as ham-fisted as the application of pigment & hues.
Is my brand so strong that you can't resist looking - even at works on
which you know no love will be lost? Testing the parameters of
expectation and taste. Its both a post-modern landscape, prophetic and a tablet, a flat slab. Space is a presence not just interplay, of distance in pictorial space.

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