Jesper (jespersa) wrote,

Willunga Hills.

Title: Willunga Hills.
Painter: Jesper Andersen
Medium: Oil on cardboard.
For Not Sale

Painting and creating is not a musty old-fashioned activity, it's alive. To express yourself well in this age get to know your substance and how it can hold meaning. Science and technology has given us reason and explanations but still art holds unanswered and unnameable experiences. " In monumental oil paintings, the self is an expressive vehicle, while roughly hewn and boldly painted." - Gagosian Athens
"Visual art is a great thing. It draws the attention of people. That's what people's work does. It preaches for them after they're gone. Yes... it certainly does." – Howard Finster
If we consider the several components manifested in this work of art, foremost is the painter myself. There is also my particular social and cultural environment. But equally the act of creating in the use of my intuitive faculties, non-essential elements where distilled or eliminated. To appreciate fully this auspicious work of art, one must use the same sense of intuition as I used, together with your conscious knowledge of my other works of art on this "livejournal," and other blogs in order to judge, the quality of my abstract realism.
This painting was painted from memory. I am expressing myself in a cursive, gutsy way, but not overtly 'thick,' but full of Spiritual Overflow presence.

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